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During the first era

the Underwriters Association was registered as the first association on May 30, 1968 (2511 B.E.). At that time, it was still known as the "Association of Insurance Agents," with Mr.Chaloem toongkamanee serving as the first president of the association in Thailand.


In the period of revolutionary activities

in 1997, Mr. Montri Saenguraiporn was elected president of the association for the term of 1997-2003.

The Board of Directors was committed to creating an association that truly represented agents and served as a central hub for them. The Board passed a resolution to change the name of the association to the "Thai Life Underwriters Association" and updated the association's logo to a more modern and international design. These changes were implemented to give the association a more contemporary and global appearance.

In the year 2001, the Thai Life Underwriters Association and Financial Advisors were selected to host the 6th Asia Pacific Life Insurance Council Conference in Thailand, with support from numerous important government agencies. The conference served as a platform for life insurance agents and financial advisors across the Asia Pacific region to share their insights and experiences, and to foster closer collaboration and cooperation. The event was considered a significant achievement for the Thai Life Underwriters Association and Financial Advisors, as it demonstrated their ability to play a leading role in the development of the life insurance industry in Thailand and the broader region.


Mr. Boonchai Rutrakool, the former President of the Life Insurance Association of Thailand during 2007 to 2009, launched the Financial Certified Health Planner (FChFP) program on June 5, 2007. Owing to his exceptional interpersonal skills, numerous collaborations between the association and external organizations were established. These collaborations included the following projects:

  1. Collaboration to develop the Thai capital market and insurance business.

  2. Establishment of training courses and methods for knowledge enhancement of life insurance for license applicants, agents, and brokers.

  3. Regular visits to the newly appointed Minister of Finance, in conjunction with other organizations.

  4. Increased trust in the association, leading to increased funding for the annual National Life Insurance Day celebrations at the regional level.

  5. Trusted to be the host of the 12th Asia Pacific Life Insurance Congress (APLIC).

  6. Appointed as a member of the board of directors of the Insurance Commission to serve as the executive committee.

The Financial Consultant Era

Mr.Banyong Witayaweerasak, the president of the Association of Thai Life Assurance, during the years 2009-2011, aimed at improving the image of life insurance agents as financial consultants. This policy attempted to generate a positive perception of the association among the public and to position it as an equivalent profession to other professional associations. The objective was to establish the association as an organization of the new generation, improve communication with members, enhance the benefits for both members and the public, and double membership.

Outstanding achievements of the Financial Advisor era

  1. Proactively taking care of the benefits of life insurance agents.

  2. Renaming the association to the Association of Life Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors.

  3. Increasing communication with members.

  4. Enhancing benefits for members.

  5. Increasing membership.

  6. Creating a positive image of the association in the eyes of the public.

  7. Prioritizing regional members.

  8. Organizing the APLIC conference.

  9. Establishing a diverse working committee.

  10. Conducting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

  11. Elevating the status of agents to that of financial advisors.

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